Salsa Stylings: All levels
Mondays 8:30-10:30 pm  All Levels Class! No Partner Needed!!

Learn the sexy movements and footwork that is a essential part of club style salsa! Perfect for men and women who are looking to attract attention or be noticed on the dance floor! Beginner and seasoned dancers welcome!!

No prior experience or dance training required.

Salsa Fundamentals
Tuesdays 8:30-10:30pm All levels No Partner Needed!!

This class is for the dancers who always tell me that they want more turns. The first hour is about styling and learning the techniques needed to lead and follow correctly. The second hour is a intense session of partnerwork designed to expand your library of Salsa turns and solidify your movements into a Smooth, and Sexy dance machine!! Perfect for dancers of all levels!

No prior experience or dance training required.

Salsa: LEVEL 1 & 2  
Wednesdays 8:30-10:30pm
ongoing class all Levels welcome!

This high energy dance class is exactly what you need if you have ever wanted to get you feet wet in Salsa! This is a all levels class that starts at square 1 and moves to more advanced Salsa Steps! Dont Be Affraid to Make a Mistake, This class is designed to stimulate your dancing as well as entertain and educate you!! This is the most Unique class in Dallas Modeled after the classes of the world famous Salsa instructor and Performer Eddie Torres “The Mambo King”!! You will Learn Shines, Styling, Musicality, Turn Patterns, Afro-Cuban, as well as Pachanga!! This is truly a class to move your dancing to another level as well as make new friends!!

No partner needed to join any of our classes.

Package Prizes:

First Class Free!!

Pay-Per-Class: $20 (either Mon,or Tue, or Wed) You can attend any class!!

5  Classes$80 (either Mon, or Tue, or Wed)  That’s 10 Hours for $80 Best Deal in Dallas!! You can attend any class!!

You have 6 weeks to use 5 classes and are not refundable.

Private Lessons are the best and quickest way to learn how to dance well. They afford a student the opportunity to work one-on-one with the instructor. The individual attention allows the student to learn the fine points and subtleties of how to move together with another person (e.g. lead /follow, technique of body movement and styling).

Group Classes are an excellent way to begin to understand footwork, directions, timing and rhythm in addition to learning the step patterns. It also allows the student to experience dancing with many different partners.

We recommend both Private and Group classes as a means of becoming the best dancer and dance partner possible.

Private lessons are convenient and are available by appointment

Please contact us for pricing and specials.